Monday, July 11, 2011

Reunion Fun!!!

For the past 6 days we have been having a blast in Island Park, Idaho for our family reunion, and yes, Mom is here with us!!!  We have been praying for this extra bonus blessing (of her being able to be at the Family Reunion) and are so grateful that Heavenly Father granted it to us!  (Thanks for the prayers of those of you who also prayed with us for this to occur.)  We have told stories around a campfire, eaten s'mores, swam and played in a lake, floated down a river (that one has a long story we'll tell another time!) and eaten...A LOT!  Most of all, we have built memories that will last us until our next reunion until we are all together again.  Mom has been able to be with us and watch us, which we are so grateful for, however, she has not had the strength to participate in most activities.  She is able to walk on her own, but tires easily and needs frequent rests and naps.  She has lost most of her muscle throughout her body which is most noticeable on her arms and legs, and we are assuming that is the cause of her exhaustion and weakness.  We are still hoping she makes a full recovery, although that may be 6-12 months from now.  She cannot eat most of the foods that we have prepared, but has been able to enjoy a few bites here and there.  I think she misses the "old" her--the way she was before the botched surgery.  She was so strong...roofing a house, hanging drywall, and sanding logs for the log cabin she was planning on building in Montana.  We miss the "old" her too.  The "old" her would have been the first one to jump into the freezing cold lake today, the first one to lead the little kids on the treasure hunt.  Now she falls asleep sitting in a chair, wrapped in blankets, as her grandchildren play at her feet.  However, there is no need to compare then and now.  This is the new normal and we love her so much and are so glad she is here with us! 
We (all 24.5 of us at this reunion) love you Mom and always will! 

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  1. We are so happy that she was well enough to go to the reunion. We've been praying for her to recover quickly. We love your family!