Friday, September 2, 2011

It's not over...

Mom has never fully recovered and today our fears of further problems have been heightened.  A couple of weeks ago, not long after arriving back in Snohomish, Mom started to develop a lump on her side.  It has gradually gotten bigger and is shifting in her.  After a trip to the ER, an exam with her family doctor, an ultrasound, x-rays and a CT Scan they still don't know what is wrong with Mom and what the "mass" is.  She finished the CT Scan and X-rays just this afternoon and was told it probably wouldn't be looked at until Tuesday; however, after arriving home from the hospital, she received a call from her doctor saying she needed to return to the hospital tonight and be admitted.  We were surprised to find out that her stomach, spleen, arteries, etc. are, apparently, all in the wrong place in her abdomen.  She is being prepped tonight and then tomorrow morning they will attempt IR (Interventional Radiology) to try to drain the mass.  If that is not successful, or if further efforts are needed, surgery will be required, however, the surgeon admitted that because everything is in the wrong place in her, they will be cutting into her blindly.

My brothers Jake and Jarom, and my sister Jess and her family happen to be in Snohomish this weekend visiting my parents so they will be able to visit mom in the hospital and hopefully be there for whatever has to happen tomorrow.  My mom could use your prayers again.  I will post as soon as we know anything.  Thanks.

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