Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's Update

Another great day!!!  Mom is improving so much.  Her white blood count was down today to almost normal and she is gaining strength.  She is still on oxygen, IV nutrition (TPN) and a whole bunch of IV antibiotics.  Tomorrow they may attempt the feeding tube again.  Mom is feeling so much stronger and is able to get up out of her hospital bed and get to the bathroom all by herself.  She can also push her own IV stand and walk down the hall without assistance.  More flowers and cards arrived today and Mom has been so lifted to read them.  She wants you to know how much she appreciates knowing that so many people are praying and supporting her.  Thank you so much for your love and concern!


  1. Great news--thank you for keeping us all updated. I was feeling so out of touch.

    Keep getting better Wendy--My large crew needs you when we come to Montana. That sounds too selfish--heck we'll entertain you here instead.

  2. Katie, I am so happy to hear that things are looking better for your mom. I can see where you get your strength from. We will keep sending prayers your way. Sarah Evans