Thursday, April 21, 2011

Change of location for Mom

This evening, Mom was transferred to a rehabilitation center in Peoria, Arizona!  She is excited to be seeing such progress.  Her new location is much closer to my sister's house than St. Luke's hospital was, so that will be a big plus for my sister!  In other big news of the day, when the hospital transferred her tonight, they took her off of TPN (the IV nutrition that she has been staying alive on for the past month.)  Because the leak in her stomach has finally started healing, they are going to start her on a liquid diet tomorrow!  The hospital left the PICC line in so that she can continue to receive all the medications and antibiotics that she needs.  In 10 days, she will be transferred back to the hospital to have another CT Scan so they can check the levels of the fluid around her spleen, etc.  At that point, she may need Interventional Radiology to drain the fluid.  Things change daily, but it is estimated that mom will need to stay at the rehabilitation center for about 2 weeks.   If everything goes really well and she continues healing at the rehabilitation center then she will probably be able to go live at my sister's house and have my sister be her caregiver after that point.  Mom feels her body healing on the inside.  She no longer needs oxygen, and as of tomorrow she will no longer need IV nutrition.  She still has the PICC line to deliver all the meds and she still has two abdominal drains to drain any infectious fluid from her abdomen.  She realizes this is the next step in her recovery, and she is so grateful to be alive and healing!  Thank you for all your support!

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