Sunday, April 10, 2011

Long, slow road (But at least she's on a road!)

The doctor has said that the goal at this point is to create the right conditions for mom to be able to heal.  Right now he says she is a "metabolic mess", so they are working on trying to get her blood and nutrition at all the right levels.  He said that in the fight for mom's life, we are doing well, although we're not out of the woods yet.  Because mom's stomach still has a hole in it, they started her back on TPN (IV nutrition through a PICC line).  In spite of the above problems, mom is completely conscious, alert and coherent.  She can get up out of her bed and walk short distances pushing her IV pole.  She is grateful to be alive and in a safe place.  Because of the shock of all of this, at times she feels depressed and sometimes lonely.  Now that we know that mom's recovery is going to take a long time, we are trying to help her come up with some things that she can do while she is at the hospital letting her body heal.  Becky will be bringing notebooks for her to do some journaling and writing.  At this point, mom is still very weak, so she has enough energy and strength for short phone calls (5 minutes or so), and if you are in the Tempe area, short visits from family or friends.  I will post her address at the top of the blog in case you'd like to write her a letter.   I am sure she would appreciate it.  Her hospital room is quite a bit smaller than her last one, and there is no room for flowers or anything like that, but letters would be great if you'd like to send one.  Thanks for your support and prayers!

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