Friday, April 8, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Today was a big day full of big findings.  First, the Good...Mom's new Doctor is great.  Mom immediately felt comfortable with him and feels completely confident that he can help her.  Now for the bad...this news just came in at 8:30 pm....part of the testing done today was to have mom try to drink a dark blue liquid to see if it came out in her abdominal drains, or if it would go through her system naturally and enter her intestines.  Just now we received news that it came out in both of her abdominal drains which means that mom's hole in her stomach is still there, and leaking and that she is not able to eat or drink by mouth.  To keep her alive for the time being, they will start up IV nutrition again.  In addition, she still has a fluid collection near her spleen, among other issues.  And finally for the's tests today included both upper and lower GI series, other x-rays and a CT Scan with contrast, and when mom's doctor came in to report the results of the test, he was shocked himself to tell us that mom's insides are not indicative of a gastric bypass surgery.  At this point we are not really sure of what happened during the first and second surgeries in Nevada. 

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  1. So glad Wendy is finally getting good care! She's been in my thoughts and prayers daily, along with all of your family!!

    I hope Dr X (if he really IS a Dr) is held accountable for his mess. We don't need people like that in the medical field.

    Best wishes to all of you!!