Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank the Heavens!

Well, I can't say things have been smooth for the past couple of days since I last wrote.  In fact, shortly after I last updated this blog we found out that the new Arizona surgeon had been under the impression that mom was no longer in the hospital in Nevada.  He thought she was living at home on her own.  The reason he thought this is because the paperwork (mom's medical file) that the Nevada hospital had faxed over to him said that mom was discharged about a week ago.  So, because he thought she was living fine at home, he had no problems accepting her on as a patient.  When I spoke with his office yesterday morning and told them that mom was still in the hospital, he said that he did not feel it was safe for her to be released from the hospital and said that he would only take her on as a patient if it was a hospital-to-hospital transfer by ambulance.   We have spent the last 2 days in shock from yet again another huge roadblock.  How would we pay for an ambulance transfer from Nevada to Arizona?  (5 hour drive)  We have all been on the phone and on our knees, while my mom has spent the last few days in tears, waiting for some miracle.  And I don't know how it happened, but a hospital transfer was arranged!!!!!!!!!  My mom is, at this very moment, in an ambulance somewhere in between Nevada and Arizona.  They have been driving for about 2 hours, so she should be arriving in about 3 hours from now (about 9:30 pm Arizona time).  Becky, (the oldest of us kids) lives about 45 minutes from mom's new hospital and she will be waiting there to see my mom tonight.  I don't know what the new surgeon will say; I don't know what tomorrow will bring...but at least tonight, all of us have something big to be grateful for!  Thank you Heavenly Father for helping us!


  1. Cried reading this. Dave and I have been anxiously waiting for any news. Hopefully, more good news will follow! We LOVE you Wendy!!!

  2. We'll be in Tempe on Tue and Wed amazingly enough! So we'll see you then, I have both your numbers now. We pray that all goes well today.

  3. I hope this all goes well. I would like to see Wendy in Tempe if possible as my husband and I are living in the Phoenix area. Please let us know if she is able to/willing to have guests and where to find her if possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Sasha Speer