Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Chance?

Shortly after my last post we found out some very surprising of Mom's abdominal drains was actually in her stomach!  (They injected sterile dye backwards through her drains and then did a sonogram to see where the dye went into her body.  It ended up going directly into her stomach.)  The doctor said that Mom would have never healed with that tube in that her doctor pulled the tube out by about 3 inches.  They are waiting about a week and then they'll repeat the blue dye test to see if, now that a tube is not in it, her stomach can actually heal on it's own without surgery.  We are all very hopeful that this will be the lucky break, or the miracle, or the chance that we have all been praying and waiting for!  Keep hoping and praying with us!


  1. I hope this is the break, too. Much love...

  2. Wendy, I am a friend of Katie's. I'm sorry about what you have experienced the past couple months. We hope this latest discovery leads to greater healing. Your name is in a couple Temples in UT. Velma Lisa

  3. See my May 21 comment. Wendy, we are encouraged with this latest development and pray for your rapid recovery.

    We hope you can come back to Snohomish after the reunion. You are in our prayers, of course. Your friends here want a chance to look after you, too.