Saturday, May 21, 2011

More "wait and see"

In the past several days the doctors have been giving mom round-the-clock powerful antibiotics to help fight off all those infections.  They also gave her another blue dye test and it at first looked like her stomach wasn't leaking anymore.  However, the next day, her drains were filling up again.  This is a pretty big setback.  We are not sure why it looks like she is healing one day and then the next day, something goes wrong.  We really have no idea how bad she is cut up or injured on the inside from the original doctor.  Her new surgeon has been hoping that she will heal on her own, without surgical intervention, but with this latest setback, he said it is looking increasingly more likely that surgery will have to be done.  (If you remember, this would be a very risky surgery...the outcomes will be unknown.  It is a last-chance type of scenario if we have to resort to this.)  Even if surgery becomes absolutely necessary, at this current time, Mom is not in good enough condition nutritionally to have the would be too risky.  So, please pray that her albumin (apparently that is referring to blood protein) levels get into normal ranges so that mom could have the surgery if it becomes absolutely necessary. 

On another note, unfortunately, with this latest setback it also means that mom may not be able to leave Arizona to come to our Family Reunion in Yellowstone Park in July.  Because us siblings are all living in different states, we only get to have all of us (Mom, Dad, and their kids (including spouses) and grandkids) together once every three years...and this summer was our much anticipated reunion.  We have had 3 new babies born into the family since our last reunion in 2008 and have all been looking forward to getting together so much.  I have been hoping for a miracle...hoping that mom will be there with us, not just in spirit, but physically being there with us. 

So, if you have some time, will you please plead with Heavenly Father to heal my mom enough so that she is stable and can safely come to the family reunion?  If that is not Heavenly Father's plan, will you please ask for her body to show solid signs of healing in the next month so we know she will heal on her own without surgery?  And if she can't be healed without surgery, then will you please pray that her albumin and other "nutrition" levels stabilize in the correct ranges so that she has the best chance of having a successful surgery?

Maybe if we all pray very specifically, we will all be able to help in some way.  Thank you for caring about my Mom.


  1. Eek. Katie, you've got a good attitude. We don't always get what we pray for...but just like you've listed out, maybe it's because we weren't asking the right questions. We are praying for your Mama.

    “When someone has an ailment or an illness and they are healed as the result of a blessing, their faith is being strengthened. But for those who aren’t healed but continue faithful, their faith is being perfected. The first is a faith-promoting experience. The second is faith-perfecting.” (

  2. Becky and Katie, I just read the May 23 blog and am prayerfully hopeful. About the reunion. If Wendy isn't able to travel, why not have the reunion at Becky's or a nearby park? It's better to have a happy reunion with Wendy than a doleful reunion in Yellowstone but with everyone wishing to be with Mom. It would be tragic and full of regrets if the next unexpected reunion were with Wendy in an Eternal sleep. Besides, you girls wouldn't have to travel so far (and would you really leave your mom to go away for a few days?).

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