Monday, May 16, 2011

Infection? Positive.

Mom was told today that the test results showed that she did have an infection starting in the PICC line, plus an infection at the site of one of her drains, and the infection was also found in her blood.  So, thank goodness she was close enough to the hospital to get there quick and get immediate help before it was too late.  The doctors put her on 4 of the most powerful antibiotics possible in order to get these infections under control.   Because the PICC line was pulled due to infection, they are using regular IV lines in both of her arms to deliver nutrition and antibiotics.  Once her blood is "clean" and the infections are all gone, then she may be released back to Becky's house (Take II).  Because she is just not healing from whatever was done to her in Nevada, an open surgery may be necessary in the future, just to figure out what is really going on with Wendy's insides.  The CT Scans and x-rays can only show so much and we still don't know the full story of what happened in Nevada under the care of the first doctor, or the full extent of Mom's injuries from it.  Dad and Becky and Ryan got mom a bed and chair and set up a room in Becky's house for her once she gets out of the hospital.  Everyone is trying to stay hopeful.  That's the news for the day.

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  1. Wendy -- I'm checking daily for updates and hoping that you are doing much better... Your name is on the temple prayer roll in Seattle all of the time and you are in our prayers.
    Love, Jaqui