Friday, May 27, 2011

More good news! (We hope it lasts!)

A few days later and we have even more hope now!  A day or two after the doctor pulled mom's drain out by 3 inches (to get it out of her stomach), Mom got up to try to walk a short distance and stepped on something soft.  She looked down and saw she was standing on one of her abdominal drains!  It had simply fallen right out of her stomach and onto the floor!  At first, this looked to be a major setback, because they were needed to drain any infectious fluid, but another CT Scan appeared to show that mom's stomach had sealed itself in the two days since the tube had been pulled out of her stomach and that it wasn't leaking anymore!  (I hesitate to even tell people this, let alone to actually believe it myself because we have had so many "ups" which have usually ended up with "downs" a couple of days later...however, so far this "up" is still looking good!)  Anyway, because the CT Scan looked like the stomach was not leaking, the doctors had her try to swallow some protein drinks.  After two days of that, she was still feeling okay and her vital signs were all still normal (no signs of infection) so this morning they put her on a full liquid diet and took her off TPN (IV nutrition)!  And as of right now, the plan is that tomorrow (Saturday May 28) she will be released to go to my sister Becky's house instead of living at the hospital!  So, that is the current news.  She (and all of her family) are feeling very hopeful that this good news will stay good this time!  We have felt the comforting feelings of peace and blessings from the Lord because of the prayers of so many of you!  Thank you for every time you mention my mom in your prayers!!!  I am not ready to say goodbye to my mom and I am so hopeful that I won't have to any time soon!  Thanks again!

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