Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back Upstairs

Mom is being admitted again as an in-patient upstairs in the same hospital she was just released from.  They don't know yet the results from any of the tests, but the doctors decided to pull out the PICC line just in case it was getting infected on the inside.  (We've been told, "If a PICC line gets infected, you're gone.")  They are sending a part of the PICC line that they pulled out to the lab to test it for infection.  If it shows an infection, then that could be the cause of her fever, nauseousness, etc.  (I don't know what they will do if it doesn't show an infection.)  So at this moment, she doesn't have a way to get nutrition...she can't swallow anything because of the hole(s) in her stomach and she has gone through 2 PICC lines which have both been pulled because of possible infection.  She says she is feeling better already though just because of getting some saline through IV.  Tomorrow we'll hopefully find out more. 

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  1. Katie, thank you for the updates. We are praying for Wendy and your family!