Saturday, May 14, 2011

I take that back

"Goodbye hospital" didn't last for long.  At this moment we are waiting for test results to tell us anything.

All I know at this point:  Mom has been feeling nauseous and this morning when I spoke with her I could tell something was wrong-more than it has been lately.  She was having abdominal pain, with increased nauseousness and fatigue.  My sister tested her temp and it was above 103 F.  She began vomiting along with the fever and chills and pain.  They called the home health nurse who instructed them to take her in to the emergency room.  They arrived around 5 pm or so and so far, Mom's blood has been drawn 3 times, she has been put on IV fluids and she is currently having a CT Scan.  Waiting for results...

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  1. That's so sad! hopefully this rollercoaster of a recovery will be over soon. We are still praying for you Wendy!